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Invoices received via email 


 automatically    imported into SAP 

AI-based automatic or manual data extraction and validation. 

Automated creation of parked invoices

Leveraging AI for automated invoice processing in SAP ERP

Advanced Invoice Management automatically captures, processes and approves invoices, while increasing your company's efficiency and reducing costs. 


Our product covers the entire process from email receipt to generation of the accounting document. Using Artificial Intelligence technology the content of the file is extracted and mapped to specified fields in SAP ERP or S/4 eliminating the need of tedious manual-data entry. 

These solutions are installed using the standard SAP Add-On installation process so rollouts are quick and easy.  

How does it work?

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2 minutes about the solution

Accelerated Invoice Approval

Automatically scan and process inbound invoices 

Reduce reliance on physical invoices and eliminate manual data-entry errors

Improve efficiency, save time and reduce costs

SAP Workflow Integration

No long term contracts

Flexibility and simple pricing

No limits 

Any AI platform

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